Welcome to the new testament Christian church


Sunday Morning

Morning Service starts at 11:00am but people come in around 10:30am.  

Feel free to come, hang-out, grab some coffee, a donut, and meet some friendly people. Our ushers and greeters can help answer any questions.

Sunday Evening 

Our Evening Service is at 6:00pm. 

Come out to the evening service which is our evangelistic service. Get your battery charged to take on the challenges of the up and coming week.

Tuesday evening

Our Tuesday evening Service is at 7:30pm. 

Come out Tuesday evening service and enjoy an exciting study through God's word.  God's word shows us how to live as a Christian, how to obtain the power and strength that we need and gives us the tools to reach our community  for Christ.

Thursday Evening 

Our Thursday prayer meeting is at 7:30pm. 

When the saints gather together to seek God and His will, God blesses abundantly.  Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or just beginning to pray with the church family, you will have a great time as pray for our families, our community and our nation.

Where is New Testament Christian Church?