Today is Giving Tuesday

Posted by Pastor Tucker on

Today is GivingTuesday!
This is our first year participating in Giving Tuesday. But this year, the need is great.
The need for "Online Ministry" has never been so vital. So many need Jesus.
Some are feeling lonely during the quarantines and working from home.
Some are feeling very much afraid and just need someone to pray with them. They are afraid to come out of their homes, but need to hear the gospel and to fellowship with other believers.
 Some are sick and need healing in their bodies.
 We’ve created a special fund for #GivingTuesday, "Project - Online ministry" , to support the church to continue to minister to our community.
 We have a goal that we are trying to reach to be able to support the needs of the Online Ministry.
  1. Technical resources for online worship services and bible studies.
 2. Online children's ministry.
 3. Online church counseling to continue working with souls that are needing help and encouragement.
 Your contribution will definitely be a blessing to help the church to continue to minister to our community.
  To get started, use our Giving Link  "". Then, choose "Online ministry", add your dollar amount, and tap submit.

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