Connect with God

Do you sometimes feel like God isn’t paying any attention to you? If you struggle with one or more troubling situations listed below –chaining you down – help is just a click away. 

Maybe you’re fighting a personal battle with alcohol or drugs. Or you’re dealing with financial problems; or your faith is failing. Maybe you have anger issues, problems in your family life or a damaged marriage …
If you’re seeking answers to any kind of turmoil in your life, I promise that God is not ignoring you.He can absolutely help you no matter how difficult your situation may be. But you need help from God to break these chains.  And that’s why I am here –to help you re-connect with the one eternal truth in this world. 

You can continue to walk your current path and hope and pray that things improve. Or you can make a change now

 1.  Give me a call.  Schedule some time to talk with me and allow me the opportunity to pray with you.  I can give you information on how to get to church.

2.  Come to church and experience Jesus.  Don't come with a critical spirit.  Come and let go as if your life depended on it.  And it does!

3.  After service, sit down with me and let's begin the work of breaking every chain holding you down!

Pastor Tucker



Here are some of the issues that may be holding you down.  God can loves you and can help with these and more.  Come to church this week!

Issue holding you down Audio File Downloadable book
Addiction Issues Addiction MP3 Addiction PDF
Anger Issues Anger MP3 Anger Issues PDF
Emotional Issues
Family Issues Family Issues MP3 Family Issues PDF
Financial Difficulties
Marital Issues
Personal Peace Issues
Personal Life Questions Personal Life MP3 Personal Life Questions PDF
Problems forgiving yourself
Questions about learning God's word

Come to church for additional resources like workbooks and the entire book by Pastor Tucker. If the audio is not great, download it first. Better yet, come to church and get a DVD of the audio teachings!