Plan A Visit | The New Testament Christian Church

We know that it is intimidating to attend a church for the first time. This is why we want you to “just relax”.

Here is what you will find at The New Testament Christian Church…

  • Some "you" time.  Forget about your problems for just a little while and allow God to bless you.  We will greet you and welcome to help you feel comfortable.  Just experience worship and see what a good worship service can do for you!
  • A worship atmosphere (Come as you are. Don't worry if you do not know anyone)
  • Friendly people who will help you find your way around.
  • An energetic praise and worship time.  (Don't worry about how you sing.  Just enjoy singing for God.)
  • Messages relevant to your daily life.
  • Fun children’s program.
  • That you matter to God and you matter to us.

Whether you’re single, married, single again, with or without children, no matter where you have been or what you have done, we invite you to experience The New Testament Christian Church.  Connect with God and just see the possibilities that God can bring into your life.

TIME AND DIRECTIONS: Service Times: 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM! 

The New Testament Christian Church is on the corner of 3rd St. and S. Hastings st. 

Address: 302 S. Hastings St., Irving, TX  75061

There is parking in front of the church on S. Hastings st.  There is also parking on third St.

If you have kids ages Infant to 5th Grade: If you would like, you can take the little ones to the nursery.  Sometimes, the little ones do not like to be separated from Mom and Dad.  That is ok.  However, once they get used to the nursery all of the kids have a great time and even learn Ps. 23!

If you have students ages 6th-12th Grade: IThe older kids can have a seat in the sanctuary with you.  After the praise and worship time, prayer and announcements, the Pastor will dismiss the Sunday School classes.  While the kids are dismissed to their classes, the Pastor will also direct the adults to the bible reading for that day's sermon.

Everyone: Just relax and get in and worship Jesus.  Your race, your age and your background does not matter.  If you have messed up in life, then you are coming to the right place.  If you are looking for a friend, then you coming to the right place.

Warning:  We do pray.  If you are uncomfortable with a group of people praying or have never been in a church, where the congregation will pray together, then just relax and give us a moment as we pray.  You are not required to pray with us.  However, it is our belief that prayer can change lives.  There are those that experience hard times, sickness, personal struggles and more and they request prayer.  During the beginning part of the service, if prayers have been requested, the Pastor will lead in prayer for these and other needs.

If you have any questions at all, visit our "Visit this weekend page" on our website or just call the Pastor at 214-295-6721 

Both of our services lasts about 60 minutes.

We hope to see you this week!